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MARIA HOLIC 12 - Manga

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Minari Endou


About this book

Mariya and Kanako are younger brother and older sister?! After a surprising development, the story charges into the joint school festival!

""I'm going to be an idol producer!"" Miyamae Kanako wrote down her dreams on the future plans form that all students submit in order to become third-years. Her dream is...?! Summer has departed and it's autumn now, while Kanako suddenly becomes interested in the school clubs. She causes a scene during her trial period with the archery club... as this high-tension school love comedy charges into its 12th volume with a joint school festival with an all-boys' school!!

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Product Details

Story and Art Minari Endou
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Gender Bender ,School Life ,Seinen ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since March 24, 2015
Page count 165pages (*note)

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