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Kiss of the Rose Princess, Vol. 2 - Manga

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Aya Shouoto

Kiss of the Rose Princess, Vol. 2

About this book

Fearing her absent father will return and discover her rose choker missing, Anise commands her knights to do a search for the necklace. Before they can set out, new transfer student Haruto Kisugi appears. Anise and he were friends back when she was living in Osaka, but her four knights?especially Kaede?do not trust him.

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Product Details

Author Aya Shouoto
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Mystery ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Romance ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Harem ,Supernatural ,Young Adult ,Completed Series
Series Kiss of the Rose Princess
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since January 31, 2015
Page count 185pages (*note)

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