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Scumbag Loser - Manga

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Mikoto Yamaguti

Scumbag Loser

About this book

High-schooler Masahiko Murai has exactly one thing going for him: a keen sense of smell. Not exactly the sort of defining trait that helps someone become one of the popular kids, especially given the malodorous scents he finds particularly appealing. But that's okay. He's set the bar pretty low in terms of his expectations. He doesn't have to be cool or popular -- or even liked. Just as long as he isn't the biggest loser, he can get by.
As luck would have it, there's always been one rung lower on his class's social ladder, but when the ""biggest loser"" gets a girlfriend, a panicked Masahiko pulls a name out of his past -- Haruka Mizusawa -- playing the long-distance relationship card in a desperate attempt to keep his worst nightmare from becoming reality. Naturally everyone's skeptical, but when Haruka shows up at school the next day and backs up Masahiko's story, their skepticism is quickly laid to rest. You'd think that Masahiko was off the hook...
But what he failed to share with his classmates was that Haruka actually died years who's turned up wearing her face, and why is she playing along with him at all...? Masahiko's about to learn that there are far more horrifying fates than being the biggest loser in school..

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By (author) Mikoto Yamaguti
Genre Manga ,Mystery ,Horror ,Psychological ,Long (Increased) Preview ,Completed Series
Series Scumbag Loser
Publisher Yen Press
Available since November 28, 2016
Page count 596pages (*note)

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