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The Garden of Words 1 - Manga

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Makoto Shinkai / Midori Motohashi

The Garden of Words 1

About this book

Can a poem save your life?
Words are powerful. Insults and rumors can derail a career; a bit of encouragement can give someone the strength to pursue their dreams. When a high school boy skipping class to sketch shoe designs and a taciturn woman drinking a morning beer meet in a Tokyo park, they say little, but the woman bids farewell with an ancient tanka poem. Will the boy figure out the poem’s meaning?and its corresponding response?before it’s too late?

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Author Makoto Shinkai / Midori Motohashi
Genre Manga ,Slice of Life ,Romance ,Drama ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series The Garden of Words
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since October 25, 2016
Page count 198pages (*note)

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