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The Tenth Prism 8 - Manga

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  • Completed

Masahito Soda / Kanaka Mizuki

The Tenth Prism 8

About this book

NIKI mastered the skill to control her power by anger. Meanwhile,VERUNA undercovered into enemy's territory to pursue her mission by conspiracy. Two beautiful warriors intensely fought within and outside the Land of Guu. Who would win - Niki's power or Veruna's plot? These heroines engage in fierce competition over the love of TSUNASHI,“Swordman of Light”!Volume eight of this romantic battle fantasy got such an unexpected storyline... and it will surely wipe out your brain!

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Product Details

Author Masahito Soda
Original Concept Kanaka Mizuki
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Action ,Completed Series
Series The Tenth Prism
Publisher Cork, Inc.
Available since April 27, 2016
Page count 205pages (*note)

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