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The Red Poster - Int'l Manga

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Laurent Galandon / Jeanne Puchol

The Red Poster

About this book

This is the story of Marcel Rayman, a young Polish Jew whose face is featured on the infamous 'Affiche Rouge', propaganda circulated in occupied France in an attempt to discredit the Parisian resistance. The Nazi abomination drove Rayman to set aside his pacifist principles and take up arms in the ranks of Missak Manoukian's resistance movement. For two long years, during which he saw his entire family deported, Marcel Rayman led a clandestine life, shrouded in death, fear and treachery.

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Author Laurent Galandon
Illustrator Jeanne Puchol
Genre Int'l Manga
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 30, 2017
Page count 96pages (*note)

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