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Alice's Tale - Light Novels

  • Light Novel
  • Completed

Tadanori Kurashita / POYOYONROCK / Braden Noyes and more

Alice's Tale

About this book

This book is the English translation of a Japanese light novella. ----- "Alice's Tale" Officially, I deal in stocks. My partner, a highly advanced A.I. named Alice, and I constantly monitor current events and search through the news to find information that might be lurking beneath the official story. I've had my eye on a particular brand for a while now, and we have been following it closely. I thought things were going pretty well, however... --One day, as I was leaving my room, I had the strange feeling somebody was watching me. Turning back to look, I saw Alice’s hologram still active. Usually, she turns herself off before I even get to the door... But today, she just stood there, staring intently at me--

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Product Details

Author Tadanori Kurashita
Translator Braden Noyes / Mami Suzuki
et al. Conyac / Taiyo Fujii
Genre Light Novels ,Completed Series ,Sci-fi ,Drama
Series impress QuickBooks
Publisher Impress Corporation
Available since March 25, 2015
Page count 91pages (*note)

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