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Ao Oni: Mutation - Light Novels

  • Light Novel
  • Full Illust

Kenji Kuroda / Karin Suzuragi

About this eBook

Shun and his classmates find themselves in the creepy, abandoned mansion known as the Jailhouse again, and the monster that lives inside is happy to welcome them. It's time for round two in this deadly game of tag! With everything he knows now, Shun tries to prevent any further tragedy in the Jailhouse by making an emergency update to the game. Will he give whoever gets stuck inside the tools to survive? Or will it be used against them?

Even if he has his closest friends on his side now, no one else seems to be willing to believe Shun about the dangers of the Jailhouse. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he desperately codes an emergency update for his game to try and prevent any further tragedy. But they say the path to the Jailhouse is paved with good intentions... Will he give whoever gets stuck inside the tools to survive? Or will it all be used against them? Whoever the unlucky victims are next just might be in for an ugly, mutant surprise...

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Product Details

Author Kenji Kuroda
Artist Karin Suzuragi
Genre Light Novels ,Horror ,Mystery ,Full-size Illustration
Series Ao Oni
Publisher J-Novel Club
Available since August 10, 2018
Page count 244pages (*note)

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