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Bride Fit for A Prince Twin Bride 1 - Int'l Manga

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Bride Fit for A Prince Twin Bride 1

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When Callie's twin sister, Annabella, told her she won the grand prize of the contest?""I Stole the Prince's Heart and Engagement Ring,""?she was more than amazed. However, Annabella, an up-and-coming starlet, asks Callie to go in her place and refuse the prize because it clashes with her acting in a big upcoming movie. “Why would anyone want to publicly search for a bride?"" is what Callie thought as she reluctantly agrees to make the far trip for her desperate sister. But the moment she arrives at the airport, Callie gets taken away by the?elegant?butler of the prince.?When she attempts to explain her situation, he doesn't seem to care.??""Stop telling me lies about being a twin. You will marry the price in twenty-four hours.”

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Genre Int'l Manga ,Harlequin (Comics)
Series Twin Bride
Publisher Harlequin
Available since June 23, 2016
Page count 129pages (*note)

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