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Yokai Girls Vol. 1 - Manga

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Kazuki Funatsu

Yokai Girls Vol. 1

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20-year-old virgin Nishizuru Yatsuki has always considered himself a fairly normal guy--he's a high school graduate, works a part-time job, and hangs out at a maid cafe. He does have one very special ability: he can see yokai spirits! Usually he copes with these ghostly visions by ignoring them--but everything changes when he meets a beautiful young woman named Rokka. Now Yatsuki's normal days have taken a notably abnormal turn, as he finds himself the sole defender of a growing harem of supernatural--and super sexy--yokai girls!

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Author/Artist Kazuki Funatsu
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Comedy ,Supernatural ,Action ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Romance
Series Yokai Girls
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since January 2, 2018
Page count 234pages (*note)

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