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The Jewish Brigade - Volume 3 - Hatikvah - Int'l Manga

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Marvano / Marvano

About this book

The armistice of May 8th 1945 marks the end of the Second World War. In Europe, weapons are laid down and the camps are liberated. In 1947, the United Nations' Resolution 181 outlines the partition plan for Palestine into two states - Jewish and Arab. But still, blood continues to be spilt. Through Leslie Toliver, member of the Jewish Brigade, Marvano narrates the long road to the creation of Israel, a road obstructed by terrorist attacks, death, hate and fear. The war is not over for everyone.

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Product Details

Illustrator Marvano
Author Marvano
Genre Int'l Manga
Series The Jewish Brigade
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 30, 2017
Page count 50pages (*note)

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