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Sgt. Frog, Vol. 10 - Manga

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Mine Yoshizaki

Sgt. Frog, Vol. 10

About this book

When Keroro and his gang become mixed up with a ghastly ghost, will life in the Hinata household turn into a fright fest? Later, a soccer match between Keroro Platoon and the Select Keron Forces Team shows that the sport is indeed universal...and one big bore! But not to worry - excitement is just a hop away, as Earth is suddenly anesthetized by Planet Anesthesia: Keroro Platoon members are silenced - and their friends are eliminated! Is there no one on Earth who can save our poor planet? Don't bet on it - you can't keep a frog-like alien down forever!

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Product Details

Author Mine Yoshizaki
Genre Manga ,School Life ,Sci-fi ,Shounen ,Anime
Series Sgt. Frog
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since May 26, 2015
Page count 175pages (*note)

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