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Jazz Maynard - Barcelona on its Knees - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga
  • Completed

Raule / Roger

Jazz Maynard - Barcelona on its Knees

About this book

Hot on the heels of the assassination of the Mayor of Barcelona, incidentally right after he'd handed over incriminating evidence of all the town's bigwigs to the journalist Lucia Lopena, C?bes steps up to the mark. And he's as corrupt as corrupt can be. Within a few days, Lucia is kidnapped. And I think we all know why. At the heart of all this upheaval, remains the ""Double Eagle,"" the coin that Jazz was blackmailed into obtaining in the previous chapter. He's beginning to realize the implications of the recent events in his life, and so he goes out looking for one thing, and one thing only... not power, not money... revenge.

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Product Details

Author Raule
Illustrator Roger
Genre Int'l Manga ,Completed Series
Series Jazz Maynard
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since September 17, 2017
Page count 28pages (*note)

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