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Inari Konkon 1 - Manga

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Morohe Yoshida

Inari Konkon 1

About this book

A comedy-romance story that unfolds in Fushimi, Kyoto!

In Fushimi, Kyoto, a jr. high school girl named Inari, Fushimi has a crush on a boy, and acts a little foolish in trying to tell him her feelings. In a strange turn of events, Inari is able to change shape to the person she wants to be, and her love story in Kyoto takes many drastic turns for the better and worse!

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Product Details

Story and Art Morohe Yoshida
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Romance ,School Life ,Seinen ,Supernatural ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series Inari Konkon(KADOKAWA MANGA)
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since January 27, 2015
Page count 201pages (*note)

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