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Blast - Volume 3 - Head First - Manga

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Manu Larcenet / Manu Larcenet

Blast - Volume 3 - Head First

About this book

Mancini's story gets harder and harder to digest, as it spirals towards it's violent and sordid climax. We see cracks beginning to appear in that seemingly impenetrable calm he maintains in the interrogation room, as he relates his difficult winter, his internment in a psychiatric hospital, his discovery of a collection of paintings that are the perfect representation of human suffering, and a cataclysmic encounter in the forest.

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Product Details

Author Manu Larcenet
Illustrator Manu Larcenet
Genre Manga ,Completed Series
Series Blast
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since October 15, 2017
Page count 205pages (*note)

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