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Sword Art Online Calibur - Manga

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Reki Kawahara / Shii Kiya

Sword Art Online Calibur

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The goddess Urd is in danger, and only Kirito and friends can save her! The evil frost giants have invaded her homeland of Jotunheim, bringing death and destruction in their wake. The linchpin of it all is the giant king's sword-the legendary weapon Excalibur! If Kirito's crew can make it to the end of the dungeon and pull the sword from the stone, peace will be brought to the land once more...!

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By (author) Reki Kawahara
By (artist) Shii Kiya
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Sci-fi ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Action ,Romance
Series Sword Art Online Manga
Publisher Yen Press
Available since December 19, 2017
Page count 229pages (*note)

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