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The Reprieve - Volume 2 - Int'l Manga

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Jean-Pierre Gibrat / Jean-Pierre Gibrat

The Reprieve - Volume 2

About this book

Involuntary voyeurFrance, 1944. Julien Sarlat made his escape from military service, and now, through a series of uncanny circumstances, is believed dead. Not many people can say they've attended their own funeral. Julien has. He's now left with no choice but to hide himself away in his home village of Cambeyrac, where only his aunt is aware of his survival. He spends his days gazing down longingly on the life from which he is excluded. That is, until the lovely Cecile, his childhood sweetheart, finds him curled up in her barn...

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Product Details

Author Jean-Pierre Gibrat
Illustrator Jean-Pierre Gibrat
Genre Int'l Manga
Series The Reprieve
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 30, 2017
Page count 56pages (*note)

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