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DesSeins - Fragments of Femininity - Manga

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Olivier Pont / Olivier Pont

About this book

This is a collection of portraits of 7 women, of all different ages, backgrounds, circumstances and eras. Each one of them is facing a defining moment in her life. They are bound together by the symbol of their femininity: their breasts. We see an awkward college girl getting to grips with her womanhood; a 1960s house-wife freeing herself from the restraints of propriety; the manager of a small underwear shop fighting against corporate giants; a woman nude modeling for an unexpected reason... Love, illness, sex, liberation, sensuality: Olivier Pont draws us into the lives of these women with astounding force.

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Product Details

Illustrator Olivier Pont
Author Olivier Pont
Genre Manga
Series DesSeins - Fragments of Femininity
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since November 26, 2017
Page count 118pages (*note)

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