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The Challenger to Great Old Ones Vol.1 - Manga

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  • Completed

Kentaro Yano

About this eBook

The legendary Japanese mystery comic about the Cthulhu mythos now comes in ebook! In volume one, the story of “Lamia” and “Chaos seeker” are included. After surviving a devastating motorcycle accident, Jun Tachikawa starts to hear mysterious voices (Lamia). When Nagisa Hoshima returned home, there was a mysterious creature awaiting (Chaos Seeker).This manga is for all the Cthulhu mythos fans around the world!

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    Product Details

    Author Kentaro Yano
    Genre Manga ,Supernatural ,Mystery ,Completed Series ,Free
    Series The Challenger to Great Old Ones
    Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
    Available since July 2, 2015
    Page count 228pages (*note)

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