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The Roots of Chaos - Volume 1 - Lux - Int'l Manga

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Nicolau / Cava

The Roots of Chaos - Volume 1 - Lux

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March 1953. Alexander is walking through the streets of London with a bomb in his hand. It is destined for Marshal Tito, during his controversial visit to Great Britain. Alexander's story began several months earlier, when his mother was struck by a car and instantly killed. Trying to understand why and how his mother, who was in an institution for senile elderly people, wound up so far from her home, Alexander finds himself caught up in a spiral of terror involving the British secret service, strange Serbian nationalists, and the island of Majorca... all of which culminate, several months later, with Alexander finding himself on the bank of the Thames, holding a bag with a bomb in it...

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Product Details

Illustrator Nicolau
Author Cava
Genre Int'l Manga
Series The Roots of Chaos
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since July 30, 2017
Page count 51pages (*note)

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