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Kouhei Azano / Atsushi Suzumi / Sumihei


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Just a student?! The fate of Tokyo rests on this battle!

Natsume and Harutora tackle the purification of a chimera on their own. Just when it looks like they're up a creek without a paddle, Toji shows up to rescue them and harnesses the power of the ogre within him, turning the tide of battle! Plus, spring has sprung at the academy, and a fatefully familiar girl has enrolled as a new student...

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Product Details

Original Work Kouhei Azano
Art Atsushi Suzumi
Character Design Sumihei
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,Drama ,School Life ,Shounen ,Supernatural ,Anime
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since January 27, 2015
Page count 181pages (*note)

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