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Sayonara September 3 - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga
  • Completed

Asa Ekstrom

Sayonara September 3

About this book

It's a new term at the Comic Art School and Alex is going to get published - albeit someone else's script. Thanks to Janne, Alex's and Miri's past are out in the open but Alex can't seem to move on. Instead she becomes fascinated by a second year student Kouji as she sees a resemblance of Miri in him. When the whole school goes on a class trip to Copenhagen, relationships are put to a test and the drama begins. What is love and what is friendship? Do you have to reach the bottom to truly let go?

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Author Asa Ekstrom
Genre Int'l Manga ,Slice of Life ,Completed Series
Series Sayonara September
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since August 28, 2015
Page count 289pages (*note)

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