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Rose Guns Days Season 2, Vol. 2 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Ryukishi07 / NanaNatsunishi

Rose Guns Days Season 2, Vol. 2

About this book

Oliver, Nina, and Charles have officially adopted Zel as one of their own, transforming the dunce trio into a happy quartet! But the streets of District 23 are still rife with tension, leading to more conflicts between Primavera and the Chinese Golden Dragon. The same happy quartet starts an investigation to root out the underlying source of the unrest, but a close call triggers the return of Zel's lost memories...

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  • Rose Guns Days Season 2, Vol. 2 preview_2
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Product Details

By (author) Ryukishi07
By (artist) NanaNatsunishi
Genre Manga ,Adventure ,Action ,Completed Series
Series Rose Guns Days Season 2
Publisher Yen Press
Available since February 20, 2017
Page count 180pages (*note)

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