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Delicious 1 - Int'l Manga

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Susan Mallery / EVE TAKIGAWA

Delicious 1

About this book

Penny is a capable chef who dreams of opening the best restaurant in Seattle. One day, out of the blue, her ex-husband, Cal, asks to meet her. He wants her to help breathe life back into his family’s oldest restaurant. He’s still as handsome as he was when they separated three years ago, and she never could hate him; so she gives him the okay?as long as he agrees to all of her conditions. Penny’s once-smoldering feelings for him light back up, but she can’t admit it. After all, she’s sure he doesn’t love her anymore...

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Product Details

Author Susan Mallery
Genre Int'l Manga ,Harlequin (Comics)
Series Delicious
Publisher Harlequin
Available since April 19, 2016
Page count 145pages (*note)

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