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Vinland Saga 8 - Manga

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Makoto Yukimura

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TROUBLED WATERS Free at last, Thorfinn sets off on an expedition to Vinland, to establish a place free of war and slavery. In an effort to fund his project, Thorfinn visits Iceland where Halfdan, a wealthy man who shared a dark history with his late father, awaits. Meanwhile,the marriage between Halfdan's son Sigurd and Leif's relative Gudrid are well under way,but Gudrid dreams of becoming a sailor, not a bride. A battle soon breaks out as Gudrid attempts to escape aboard Leif's ship. With Sigurd hot at their tail, Thorfinn and the crew press eastward to the city of Miklagard,picking up an orphaned baby and a dog along the way…

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Product Details

Author Makoto Yukimura
Genre Manga ,Adventure ,Action ,Drama ,Historical ,Seinen
Series Vinland Saga
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since December 26, 2016
Page count 420pages (*note)

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