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Fujiko Kosumi


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Our hearts are as strong as blade steel. We won’t break easily.

Imagine a modern day where the Sword Abolishment Edict of the Meiji period was never enacted. Haruma Kokonoe, a freshman student (10th grade) at Shiseikan High School, the famous school for swordsmen, continued his isolated search for the killer of Seishiro Shindo, his teacher. Ibuki Takahara, a transfer student, takes an interest in Haruma and finds his way into his heart. Thrown by having friends for the first time in his life, Haruma wavered between his loyalty to Seishiro and his current friendships, and the mysterious swordsman Sensyu Sugatani took advantage of his weakness! Now a large battle has started among the freshmen of Shiseikan!

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Story and Art Fujiko Kosumi
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Completed Series
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since November 25, 2014
Page count 179pages (*note)

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