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The Consultant's Accidental Bride - Int'l Manga

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Carol Marinelli / Jinko Soma

The Consultant's Accidental Bride

About this book

Because of an incident a year ago, Leah left for Australia as a backpacker. Now reverting to her previous healthy mind, she is on the flight to Melbourne from Cairns to attend her best friend’s wedding as a maid of honor. Cole, a handsome doctor who happens to be sitting next to her, engages in conversation with her, and Leah feels her heart throb. However, his hurtful comment about backpackers makes her upset. A new reality awaits her upon landing?arrogant Dr. Cole is the best man of the groom!

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Product Details

Author Carol Marinelli
Artist Jinko Soma
Genre Int'l Manga ,Harlequin (Comics)
Publisher Harlequin
Available since June 23, 2016
Page count 129pages (*note)

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