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My Pathetic Vampire Life Vol. 1 - Manga

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Rose Ishikawa

My Pathetic Vampire Life Vol. 1

About this book

Immortality sucks! Koide Manzaku, who became a vampire at age 16, has had to repeat his first year of high school 133 times. To make matters worse, being a vampire means he's weak during the day, and he's too grumpy to be popular with girls, so in every one of these freshman years, Koide inevitably winds up at the bottom of the social ladder. But somehow this year-his 134th-he winds up friends with a bunch of popular bros. Could this be the year that Koide actually, finally gets to enjoy high school? Sink your teeth into the daily misadventures of a reluctant vampire.

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Product Details

Author/Artist Rose Ishikawa
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Vampires ,Comedy ,School Life
Series My Pathetic Vampire Life
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since April 16, 2017
Page count 184pages (*note)

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