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Rain wolf - Volume 2 - Int'l Manga

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Ruben Pellejero / Jean Dufaux

Rain wolf - Volume 2

About this book

In this second and final installment of the Rain Wolf diptych, Blanche McDell is being held prisoner by the Cody family who are demanding vengeance. They say they'll free the young woman in exchange for Rain Wolf, the Indian who dared to defend himself against a white man, resulting in the white man's death. The McDells have one week to negotiate Blanche's return before all hell breaks loose. As for Rain Wolf, he's on the trail of the legendary White Bison...

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Illustrator Ruben Pellejero
Author Jean Dufaux
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Rain wolf
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 20, 2017
Page count 74pages (*note)

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