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Akame ga KILL! ZERO, Vol. 6 - Manga

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Takahiro / Kei Toru

Akame ga KILL! ZERO, Vol. 6

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Though their comrades deal a blow to the Oarburgh Clan, Akame, Kurome, and Natala remain at the mercy of Madam Mera, leader of the Oarburgh assassins. While she has no sympathy to spare for Natala--or any man, for that matter--she offers her female captives a chance to learn the truth. Recognizing Akame's doubts, Mera takes her around the Empire to see the suffering of its people firsthand, but will Akame be willing to open her eyes...?

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By (author) Takahiro
By (artist) Kei Toru
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Psychological ,Mature ,Action
Series Akame ga KILL! ZERO
Publisher Yen Press
Available since December 19, 2017
Page count 180pages (*note)

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