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The Prince in His Dark Days 4 - Manga

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Hico Yamanaka

The Prince in His Dark Days 4

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Dethroned -- A heart can only know true pain once it has known true love. For Atsuko, watching Ryo work relentlessly for Itaru's sake changed something in her, and she falls in love for the first time. But one day, Ryo's dark plans of betrayal are revealed and Atsuko's admiration for him shatters. She must take action before it's too late, as Itaru's Coming of Age ceremony?where everything could go wrong?quickly approaches. Will the prince's stand-in, caught in the midst of an unstable empire, come to regret her decision?

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Author Hico Yamanaka
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Romance ,Shoujo ,Gender Bender ,Completed Series
Series The Prince in His Dark Days
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since April 10, 2017
Page count 212pages (*note)

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