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Public Sex, Volume 1 - Manga

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About this book

High School was a rough time for Kanao Morimura, as he always struggled to find his domineering father's approval. So one can only imagine when he found the approval of fellow classmate, Sei Mishima, in his freshman year, the two became inseparable.

Now in college, their relationship starts to move from friends to friends-with-benefits, as they quickly discover their apartment isn't the only thing thats a tight fit.

With Kanao's cravings for attention and danger, their activities may be a bit loud for their neighbors.

Their neighbor Konno, however, may be a little more interested than annoyed with the couples constant nighttime noises...

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Product Details

Author Rihara
Genre Manga ,Boys Love (Yaoi) ,Completed Series
Publisher MediBang
Available since June 19, 2018
Page count 199pages (*note)

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