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Non Non Biyori Vol. 03 - Manga

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Non Non Biyori Vol. 03

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Summer break is over, which means that's time to return to Asashigoaka Branch school with its leaky roof, single grade-combined classroom, and a teacher who just wants to sleep all the time. School isn't forever though and no one knows that better than those who've graduated, like Kaede who runs the local sweet shop. But before the girls of Asahigoaka Branch can see that far ahead, Natsumi learns what happens when you put off studying for exams, Hotaru gets lost in the woods, and everyone takes a turn participating in the school festival. Learn the true meaning of autumn in volume 3 of Non Non Biyori!

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Author/Artist Atto
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Slice of Life ,Anime ,Shounen ,School Life
Series Non Non Biyori
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since January 25, 2016
Page count 164pages (*note)

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