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In/Spectre Volume 2 - Manga

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Kyo Shirodaira / Chashiba Katase

In/Spectre Volume 2

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EX FACTOR Kotoko investigates the mysterious death of former idol Karin Nanase,who now terrorizes the sleepy town of Makurazaka as ""Steel Lady Nanase."" But with Kur? missing and the threat of the Steel Lady potentially causing harm to the Makurazaka’s citizens,Kotoko is left with no choice but to team-up with Kur?’s ex-girlfriend,Saki. And later,as the Steel Lady strikes again,the origins of Kuro’s bizarre powers are revealed.

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Author Kyo Shirodaira
Artist Chashiba Katase
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Mystery ,Comedy ,Supernatural
Series In/Spectre
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since January 9, 2017
Page count 194pages (*note)

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