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Soda - Volume 1 - Kill in Peace - Int'l Manga

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Gazzotti / Tome

Soda - Volume 1 - Kill in Peace

About this book

When you're a cop, like Soda, you get kinda used to having enemies. But when it's one of New York's biggest mafia bosses, it really raises the stakes. To the extent that it's his mother's life on the line... A hoard of assassin's are on her tail, all vying for the generous compensation, while she remains blissfully ignorant of her son's true occupation. Soda does all he can to hide her from her would-be assassins, all the while trying to hide his secret from her!

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Product Details

Illustrator Gazzotti
Author Tome
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Soda
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 13, 2017
Page count 48pages (*note)

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