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Seeking: Dad 2.0 - Int'l Manga

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Gwendoline Raisson / Magali Le Huche

Seeking: Dad 2.0

About this book

Caroline is a 33-year-old single mom. To help her cope with the difficulties she faces as such in her personal and professional life, she's a regular at the M.A (mothers anonymous) association, a conversation group for women who are a little overwhelmed by their motherhood. Caroline shares her tragi-comic attempts to find love and companionship, while Philippe, a slightly out-of-place new arrival at M.A., reflects on his status as a 'dad 2.0'. A funny, intelligent, and moving graphic novel, a touch of chick lit with a feminist twist that comments on one of the big social subjects of our time: the new family model.

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Product Details

Author Gwendoline Raisson
Illustrator Magali Le Huche
Genre Int'l Manga
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 20, 2017
Page count 138pages (*note)

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