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Fujiko Kosumi


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I have no other choice except to protect Jin.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Meiji government allowed the samurai to continue to bear swords. This practice has continued to the present day. In Tokyo, the famous school for swordsmen, ""Shiseikan,"" is about to hold its big event tomorrow, the Shisei Festival. During this time, Jin Saito, revealed the truth behind Seishiro. Unable to accept what he heard, Ibuki disappeared. Saying that it was his turn to save Ibuki, Haruma left and successfully brought him back. And thus, the fateful morning of the Shisei Festival has started!

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Story and Art Fujiko Kosumi
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Completed Series
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since February 11, 2015
Page count 165pages (*note)

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