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Starving Anonymous Volume 3 - Manga

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Yuu Kuraishi / Kengo Mizutani / Kazu Inabe

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Natsune is a Regenerator, a human being born in a laboratory for one sole purpose: to provide an everlasting food supply for mankind's new overlords. Now, he's come to the facility where his mother was forced to give birth to him to strike vengeance against its monstrous masters. But he has drawn their ire by killing one of their own, and it's on the staff to take responsibility. Who will give their lives to appease the monsters?! Despair invites despair as the fight to survive rages on...

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    Product Details

    Author Yuu Kuraishi / Kengo Mizutani
    Artist Kazu Inabe
    Genre Manga ,Horror ,Sci-fi ,Seinen
    Series Starving Anonymous
    Publisher Kodansha Comics
    Available since May 29, 2018
    Page count 211pages (*note)

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