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Ring of the Nibelung Vol.1 - Manga

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Ryo Azumi

Ring of the Nibelung Vol.1

About this book

The masterpiece of Wagner's opera ""Ring of the Nibelung"" now comes as a Japanese comic! It is said that if one wears the ring made out of gold taken from the river of Rhine, one can rule the world. Only those who abandoned the joy of love can obtain the power to make the ring. Alberich who was reviled by the fairies of Rhine, cursed love itself and made the ring. The series is comprised in 4 volumes.

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Author Ryo Azumi
Genre Manga ,Action ,Adventure ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Sci-fi ,Completed Series ,Free
Series Ring of the Nibelung
Publisher Creek & River Co., Ltd
Available since July 2, 2015
Page count 114pages (*note)

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