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Student Council's Discretion 7 - Manga

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Sekina Aoi / 10mo / Kira Inugami

Student Council's Discretion 7

About this book

The seventh student council installment - We have limitless possibilities!

This volume is full of dreams, from Sugisaki's wish to become a king, to Minatsu's former dream of becoming a bride. With Minatsu on the cover, this volume is packed full of Minatsu, showing her passion and her daily life with Class 2-B!

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Product Details

Original Work Sekina Aoi
Art 10mo
Character Design Kira Inugami
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Romance ,School Life ,Mature ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series Student Council's Discretion
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since January 27, 2015
Page count 165pages (*note)

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