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Strawberry Panic Vol. 2 - Manga

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Sakurako Kimino / Takuminamuchi

Strawberry Panic Vol. 2

About this book

Just weeks ago, Aoi Nagisa was a bright and cheerful young girl starting her first day as the newest transfer student at St. Miator Girls' Academy. But today, her once clean repurtation has been tarnished with vicious gossip and harsh scorn, and it's all because of her budding relationship with the star of Astraea Hill - Hanazono Shizuma. But as the Etoile Competition gets underway, Nagisa discovers a secret about Shizuma's past that shakes her very will to compete. Can Nagisa overcome her doubts before all is lost? Find out in the angst-filled second volume of Strawberry Panic!

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Product Details

Author Sakurako Kimino
Artist Takuminamuchi
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Seinen ,Yuri ,School Life ,Romance ,Drama
Series Strawberry Panic
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since August 30, 2017
Page count 154pages (*note)

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