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Rainbow Waltz - Manga

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Yuriko Asami / Sousuke Takeya / Ryo Kanai

Rainbow Waltz

About this book

Shizuka is a normal girl, enjoying her life with friends and family. Unknown to her, her life is about to change overnight! She becomes an heiress to a large family corporation, and has to adjust to living a very different life than what she is accustomed to. Along her new path are seven men, each either handsome, charming or plain mysterious. How will these men impact her life? Will Shizuka ever get used to her life? What would life be like if you became a princess overnight?

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Product Details

Author Yuriko Asami
Story Sousuke Takeya
Character design Ryo Kanai
Genre Manga ,Shoujo ,Completed Series ,Comedy
Available since December 26, 2015
Page count 166pages (*note)

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