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Shojo Fight Volume 4 - Manga

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Yoko Nihonbashi

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After their participation in a volleyball gambling ring, the members of Kokuyodani High's girls' volleyball club now find themselves saddled with a month-long suspension. That's not their only punishment, however, as they are forced to withdraw from the inter-high championships, too. Unable to compete there, they will now have no choice but to prove they can get results at the spring tournament. So, to help them prepare, they have been assigned a new assistant coach: Masako Yuragi. She is a player in the V. Premier League and a former teammate of Neri's sister's, and now she is going to put the girls through a training program from Hell.

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Product Details

Author Yoko Nihonbashi
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Romance ,School Life ,Seinen ,Sports
Series Shojo Fight
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since July 24, 2018
Page count 209pages (*note)

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