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The Death of Stalin - Volume 1 - Int'l Manga

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Fabien Nury / Thierry Robin

About this book

On March 2nd 1953, in the middle of the night, Joseph Stalin, the ""Father of the People,"" the man who reigned in absolute power over the people of Russia, had a stroke. He was declared dead two days later. Two days of fierce competition for the supreme power, two days that encapsulated all the insanity, the perversity and the inhumanity of totalitarianism. This is the story of a dictatorship plunged into madness. And it's all based on truth.

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Product Details

Author Fabien Nury
Illustrator Thierry Robin
Genre Int'l Manga
Series The Death of Stalin
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since August 13, 2017
Page count 61pages (*note)

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