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Karma City - Volume 3 - Manga

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Gabrion / Gabrion

Karma City - Volume 3

About this book

Karma City is a town of virtue governed by the universal laws of karma and where public interest primes.
Emma List, a paleontology researcher, presents herself at the gates of the ""white zone"" of the capital city. She is authorized entry despite her negative karma level. A few minutes later she has a stroke and dies in a car crash. What initially appears to be a routine case for agents Cooper, Napoli, and Asuka soon transforms into a wide-ranging investigation. For Emma List had moved into the grey zone to pursue proof that pre-karmic societies once existed.

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Product Details

Author Gabrion
Illustrator Gabrion
Genre Manga
Series Karma City
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since October 15, 2017
Page count 31pages (*note)

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