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Mikagura School Suite Vol. 1 - Manga

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Mikagura School Suite Vol. 1

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Eruna Ichinomiya is preparing to enter high school, but there's just one problem - none of the schools interest her! The uniforms are all too boring, until she discovers Mikagura Academy. After Eruna miraculously passes the entrance exam, she discovers that Mikagura Academy isn't a typical school. Mikagura Academy only allows students to form culture-themed school clubs, participation in those clubs is compulsory, and there is a battle system where students must compete with each other as representatives of their clubs. Now Eruna must discover her own power and win her first battle!

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Author Sayuki
Genre Manga ,Shoujo ,Yuri ,Comedy ,Supernatural ,Action
Series Mikagura School Suite
Publisher One Peace Books
Available since December 13, 2017
Page count 181pages (*note)

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