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Muchacho - Volume 1 - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga
  • Completed

Emmanuel Lepage / Emmanuel Lepage

Muchacho - Volume 1

About this book

In 1976 Nicaragua ""Tacit"" Somoza rules the small Central American country with the support of the ruthless Guardia. The son of a powerful family from the capital, Managua, Gabriel is a young priest with an incredible talent for sacred art. He is sent to enhance his painting skills with Ruben, a priest in San Juan--a little village located at the base of a mountain. Despite his difficulty integrating with the villagers due to his father's reputation, Gabriel slowly gets to know them and, eventually, to love them. Encouraged by Ruben, he paints the villagers. He paints them as they are--men and women of flesh and blood. But Gabriel is soon witness to acts of military repression of the locals. It doesn't take long for him and the villagers to get swept away in these times of growing rebellion and smoldering revolution. Artistic passion, romantic passion, revolutionary passion. Passion courses though the pages of Muchacho, a two-part series. Here is part one.

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Product Details

Author Emmanuel Lepage
Illustrator Emmanuel Lepage
Genre Int'l Manga ,Completed Series
Series Muchacho
Publisher Europe Comics
Available since September 3, 2017
Page count 74pages (*note)

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