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Peach Heaven Volume 13 - Manga

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Mari Yoshino

Peach Heaven Volume 13

About this book

Several years have passed since Momoko and Ranmaru got married. Now, Momoko's little brother Kota is in his second year of high school. To no one's surprise, nothing has happened between him and his only female friend, the entertainer Juria. But at his job as a photographer's assistant, Kota finds himself very attracted to an older woman named Nanako. This volume also includes a one-off love story about a boy who's a wizard with an abacus and a girl who's bad at math. Don't miss the final volume of the hit erotic romantic comedy Peach Heaven!

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Author Mari Yoshino
Genre Manga ,Shoujo ,Comedy ,School Life ,Romance ,Drama
Series Peach Heaven
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since January 9, 2018
Page count 201pages (*note)

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