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Strawberry Panic Vol. 1 - Manga

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  • Completed

Sakurako Kimino / Takuminamuchi

Strawberry Panic Vol. 1

About this book

Astrea Hill is the setting where three exclusive all-girl schools converge. At St. Miator Girl's Academy, gentle breezes scatter cherry blossoms across its lush campus. Nagisa, a normal and cheerful high school student, is stunned when she meets Shizuma, the school's top student, whose beauty takes her breath away. When Shizuma unexpectedly reciprocates Nagisa's feelings, both love and wacky chaos soon erupt.

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Product Details

Author Sakurako Kimino
Artist Takuminamuchi
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Seinen ,Yuri ,School Life ,Romance ,Drama
Series Strawberry Panic
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since August 30, 2017
Page count 154pages (*note)

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