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Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel, Vol. 1 - Light Novels

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Tomoco Kanemaki / Shiro Amano / Tetsuya Nomura and more

Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel, Vol. 1

About this book

Based on the hit video game series!
Roxas is a boy who lives in sleepy Twilight Town with his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette. As the last week of summer vacation comes to a close, the four spend their days together, making sure to leave no regrets. All the while, Roxas worries about the strange things that keep happening to him...

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By (author) Tomoco Kanemaki / Tetsuya Nomura / Kazushige Nojima
By (artist) Shiro Amano
Genre Light Novels ,Full-size Illustration ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Drama
Series Kingdom Hearts II: The Novel
Publisher Yen On
Available since June 19, 2017
Page count 263pages (*note)

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